A psychiatric clinical picture revealing moyamoya disease
Soukaina Stati 1 , Mohamed Amine Baba 2 3 * , Ahmed Kharbach 4 5 , Abderrahmane Achbani 6 7 , Soufiane Bigi 3 , Boukdir Asma 1 , Siham Belbachir 1 , Abderrazzak Ouanass 1
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1 ArRazi Psychiatric Hospital in Salé, Ibn sina University Hospital Rabat, Rabat, MOROCCO2 High Institute of Nursing and Technical Health, Agadir, MOROCCO3 Laboratory of kidney endocrinology, gastro enterology, neuroscience and ethics, Ibn Zohr University, 80000 Agadir, MOROCCO4 Laboratory of Biostatistics, Clinical Research and Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat, Mohamed V University, Rabat, MOROCCO5 High Institute of Nursing and Technical Health, Guelmim, MOROCCO6 Laboratory of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University Ibn Zohr, Agadir, MOROCCO7 High Institute of Nursing and Technical Health, Marrakech, MOROCCO* Corresponding Author


Moyamoya disease (MMD) is a rare entity. It is a chronic cerebrovascular pathology characterized by stenosis and progressive occlusion of the termination of the carotid arteries. It is of reserved prognosis. Its diagnosis can be evoked on computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) but is essentially based on arteriography. Its treatment must be early and essentially consists of revascularization surgery. We report the case of a patient admitted to the psychiatric emergency room for management of a behavioral disorder, mutism and auditory and visual hallucination, a cerebral MRI was performed urgently and the diagnosis of MMD was laid. Through this observation and a review of the literature, we discuss the characteristics of this rare condition, in particular the psychiatric comorbidity.


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Article Type: Case Report

EUR J ENV PUBLIC HLT, 2023, Volume 7, Issue 3, Article No: em0140


Publication date: 01 Jul 2023

Online publication date: 12 Apr 2023

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