Infectious diseases prevention policies, strategies and measures: Literature review
Constantinos Karamalis 1 * , Anastasia Panagopoulou 1 , Spyridoula Pattakou 1 , Michail Askoxylakis 1 , Effie Simou 1
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1 Department of Public Health Policy, School of Public Health, University of West Attica, Athens, GREECE* Corresponding Author


Introduction: Throughout the history, infectious diseases have been the most serious cause of morbidity and mortality of the population worldwide, as over the years there have been–and with the development of human activities–many significant outbreaks of infectious diseases. The threats they pose, including their resistance to antibiotics, make the review and development of public health policies a major issue.
Aim: The main purpose of this article is to present most recent policies and strategies on infectious diseases prevention via a literature review and highlight the necessity of developing a holistic approach to the formulation of infectious diseases prevention policies. Moreover, through the most recent literature on this topic it is observed that there is a need to draw up innovative policies, to defend public health and enforce the one health.
Methodology: For this literature review, a research in PubMed database and official organization was conducted and thus a total number (n=28) of articles and handbooks was collected. From PubMed database n1=15 articles were extracted while from websites of official organizations n2=13 was extracted. The final number of references that have been used for this paper was n=33 and were managed by using ZOTERO software.
Conclusion: It is clearly observed that collective work for prevent, and control infectious diseases is mandatory. Also, there is a need for strengthen the already existed public health systems, in order to be well-prepared. A major public health tool is communication, it is very important to communicate strategies and policies to individuals in a proper and comprehensive way.


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Article Type: Review Article

EUR J ENV PUBLIC HLT, Volume 7, Issue 4, 2023, Article No: em0149

Publication date: 07 Sep 2023

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