Cultural Competency-Related Content among Florida Colleges of Pharmacy Curricula

Jason T. Schales 1, Gebre-Egziabhe Kiros 1, Fran T. Close 1, Rima Tawk 1 *

EUROPEAN J ENV PUBLI, Volume 3, Issue 2, Article No: em0028.

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Objective. Assess cultural competency-related content in Pharmacy curricula among Colleges/Schools of Pharmacy in the state of FL.
Methods. Content analysis was used to examine PharmD course descriptions among 5 FL accredited Colleges of Pharmacy. All course descriptions were obtained through the institutes’ websites and the Florida Department of Education’s Statewide Course Numbering System. The text query analysis gathered and compared key terms among all universities using QSR NVivo11 software. In addition, the association between the number of courses with cultural competency-related content for each PharmD program and each class year were examined.
Results. Cultural competency related content differed by PharmD programs and class years. Only first-year (P1) pharmacy students showed significant differences in exposure to courses with cultural competency-related content.
Conclusion. This study implies PharmD education curricula needs to incorporate more exposure to cultural competency-related content within Pharmacy programs. Implementing cultural competence training would equip pharmacists in delivering competent care to vulnerable patient populations.


cultural competency, health disparities, vulnerable populations, PharmD curricula




Schales, J. T., Kiros, G., Close, F. T., and Tawk, R. (2019). Cultural Competency-Related Content among Florida Colleges of Pharmacy Curricula. European Journal of Environment and Public Health, 3(2), em0028.

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