Lack of Insurance Coverage Affect Access to Healthcare

Henry O’Lawrence 1 *

EUROPEAN J ENV PUBLI, Volume 3, Issue 1, Article No: em0021.

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The overall purpose of this study was to determine how lack of insurance affect access to health care. Access to health care is a supply side issue indicating the level of service that the health care system offers individual and it is necessary to expand on information that can provide insight on the availability of healthcare services. Among the findings was that there is a significant relationship between access to healthcare services and health insurance coverage among uninsured and insured population. About 61.9% (13033) indicated that they did not enrolled in Medicare compared to only 22.5% (4728) people that indicated of having Medicare advantage and only 9% (1898) people indicated of having Medicare plus Medicare supplemental plan. Overall, only 6.6% (1396) indicated that they have other Medicare plan.


healthcare services, acess, medicare, health insurance coverage




O’Lawrence, H. (2019). Lack of Insurance Coverage Affect Access to Healthcare. European Journal of Environment and Public Health, 3(1), em0021.

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