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Research Article

How does social media addiction affect decisional procrastination? Mediation role of work-family life balance

Orhan Kocak, Hatice Hilal Varan, Mina Dashtbali, Russell Bennett, Yalanda Barner

EUR J ENV PUBLIC HLT, 2023, Volume 7, Issue 1, Article No: em0124

Research Article

Evaluation of Knowledge about COVID-19 and Its Effect on Psychological States of University Students

Cihan Unal, Ramazan Aslan, Haci Omer Yilmaz

EUR J ENV PUBLIC HLT, 2021, Volume 5, Issue 2, Article No: em0084

Letter to Editor

The Spread of the Pandemic of Social Media Panic during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Eqbal Radwan, Afnan Radwan

EUR J ENV PUBLIC HLT, 2020, Volume 4, Issue 2, Article No: em0044